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Efka BigData - first experience in the automotive sector

The first experiences with networked sewing machines and Big Data from EFKA have been made and the results are impressive.

An example of this is Adient, who reports on the valuable experience with the BigData system in China in the following article in the JSN magazine.
The 15% increase in production achieved after one year is only the beginning of a continuous improvement process that automatically opens up new opportunities and...

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New photocell LSM003

With the new LSM003 we provide a new generation of photoelectric sensor, which is used as an alternative to the LSM002A. Thanks to modern laser technology, the new light barrier offers better and more reliable detection of difficult fabric or technical textiles. Especially materials with a highly reflective coating or very thinly woven fabrics are reliably detected. Furthermore, the interference factor is minimized by external LED light.

The setting of the light barrier...

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Strong as an Ox with powerful torque!

With the new DC1280 we have now produced the strongest motor so far available from Efka!

With 850 W of power, 16 Nm of torque and 2250 RPM maximum speed, the DC1280 is ideally suited for medium weight 2-needle machines and extremely heavy duty machines. Equipped with a magnetic encoder system, the motor is prepared for particularly harsh operating conditions in difficult production environments.

In order to handle the high torque of the DC1280 , we have...

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What’s new about EFKA to the Texprocess in Frankfurt?

The DirectDrive family grows, the most powerful sewing machine motor ever and a fancy app with real added value.

As one of the leading providers of industrial sewing motors and controls for a wide range of manufacturers EFKA remains very aware of the latest industry trends. Because of the durability and ruggedness of our controls and motors and through trustful cooperation with our customers, we have influenced the sewing technology drive...

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New control panel V860 for the control AB620A

In January 2017 the time has now come. We are starting to sell the new control panel V860. The V860 is only intended for the use on the AB620A controller. The control panels V810, V820 and V850 are still available for all other controls.The V860 offers a new, sleek design, which with its metallic color design fits perfectly with all sewing machines.

We have designed the operating strategy in two independent directions. The operation as in the known...

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The new Direct Drive motors DC1210 and DC1230 for the AB6xxx series.

Now available from Efka are the new direct drive motors DC1210 and DC1230 which are specifically designed for use on overlock, coverstitch and feed-off-the-arm machines. These new motors are made for use with the latest generation of AB6XXX controls.

The DC1210 motor is designed for use on overlock and feed-off-the-arm machines and has a maximum speed of 8,000 RPM. The DC1230 motor is designed for use on coverstitch machines...

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