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News No. 2 - 2016/12/22

New control panel V860 for the control AB620A

In January 2017 the time has now come. We are starting to sell the new control panel V860. The V860 is only intended for the use on the AB620A controller. The control panels V810, V820 and V850 are still available for all other controls.The V860 offers a new, sleek design, which with its metallic color design fits perfectly with all sewing machines.

We have designed the operating strategy in two independent directions. The operation as in the known V820 has been adopted completely. All keys and symbols from the V820 are also available in the V860. That is, the operator and the mechanic do not have to be re-trained and can get on with the V860 right away. An important factor in facilitating the introduction of the new control panel!

In addition, we have created a second independent user interface, which only allows the setting of all important functions via symbols. The operator is supported by a menu-driven control and a contrast-rich display with graphic functions and finds the individual functions or parameters without the aid of a parameter list. The setup of the AB620A control unit for the machine application is supported in menu support. Special symbols provide unambiguous support without the need for instructions.

The parameters selected in the display are also described with a corresponding text. The text file can be read out via USB, translated into another language and read in again. An adaptation to the country language is therefore possible without any problems.

Another advantage is the possibility of a customer-specific key assignment. The customer can program up to 5 different key assignments for his production. The operator thus only provides the functions on the control panel which are actually required. This facilitates operation and prevents malfunctions!

Via a built-in NFC function, it is possible to transfer parameters and other information to the controller via Smartphone and to read them out of the controller.The NFC Technology allows parameters to be transmitted without power supply to the control panel. This means that controllers that are still packaged in the box can already be programmed with the parameter data for the machine. As soon as the control panel is operated for the first time together with the controller, the data are transferred to the controller.  

If you have any further questions regarding the new control panel V860, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.

Further information on the V860 can be found here.