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11. DC1550  
... for medium heavy and for heavy sewing machines. Usable Control box: AB600A, AB611A, AB620A, AB321A, AB386C,  AB425S, DA321G  
12. Knee switch KN20  
...Compatible with: AB425S, AB221A, AB321A, DA321G AB620A & AB611A Knee switch KN20 1 micro-push-button 1-pole as closing contact 1 control switch 1-pole for preselection of: 0 = Depends on the selected...  
13. Info-Messages  
... is desired set parameter F-030=0. Info A6 Light barrier monitoring For the controls AB221A, AB321A and AB425S a photoelectric monitoring can be activated. If no light barrier signal is detected after...  
14. AB321A5230  
...Downloads AB321A5230 Prospect Parameter list Instruction manual  
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