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Welcome to the Efka World

Developing and selling good products is our thing. Leaving customers alone and without answers is not! The Efka team of engineers and service staff are always ready and eager to give you the best possible support. That is why we are constantly working to improve our homepage and the information it contains.

If for any reason you do not find an adequate answer to your question already here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

SewingManager 4.0 effectively supports and controls the sewing production process, providing specific dashboards for sewing operators, technicians, supervisors and managers running on Tablets and / or Desktop. The most up-to-date information combined with meaningful statistics enables an innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable approach to production planning and execution. Thanks to the full transparency of the production process, SewingManager 4.0 improves production output, enables quality controls and provides a professional maintenance tool for predictive maintenance. Because of the full access to all settings of the machine and all activities of the machine, SewingManager gives you the best chance for Industry 4.0 - “Think BIG, Start Small and Learn fast”.

The Open Source Concept allows the integration of many different sewing machine brands and different third-party software. The network structure, communication modules and tablets can be flexibly selected to meet a wide range of requirements. All existing EFKA controls within the last 10 years can be easily integrated to this system.

Our main highlight this year is the Sewing Manager 4.0!

Another highlight - the EFKA Retrofit concept - perfect for upgrading your machines!

The AB6XX controls from EFKA offer a lot of flexibility to provide a lean exchange concept for sewing machines of different applications.

A large number of motors and the associated controls allow simple to fully functional sewing machines to be adapted. Even machines with integrated motors can be operated with the AB6xxx controls.

The goal is always: a lean and cost-efficient exchange!

Many improvements can be achieved: Better energy efficiency, high reliability through EFKA's fail-safe technology, performance optimization through special motion control functions. In addition, every EFKA controller is prepared for all challenges of the future. Networking solutions as well as special software adaptations can be implemented later. Talk to your nearest sewing machine dealer about replacing old drive technology or contact EFKA directly.
You will receive an interesting offer from your local dealer.

We will also give you an overview on the next generation of EFKA controls.

Even more flexibility with freely programmable software, a modular expansion concept with e.g. stepper motor axes and additional inputs/outputs, and the already well-known high EFKA quality are the cornerstones of the new AB821 series.


Looking for more information about our latest products?
To provide better support for our customers, we now offer an Efka YouTube channel with various product videos. You will find the link at the bottom right of our platform. In addition, there are also links to the individual products. In the "News" section, we will continue to inform you regularly about our latest product innovations.

Do you need help with the implementing or assembly of our drives?
Also for this, we have provided various tutorial videos on Youtube, which will support you in addition to our comprehensive documentation.

You are looking for spare parts?
In the new section "Download spare parts" you will now find a clear overview of components and those which you can order for replacement.

Are you planning a new project?
Consulting on project planning and support during the setup of sewing machines and automats is a key factor in our success. The long-term experience of our sales, development and design staff is the prerequisite for a comprehensive consultation. Please contact us at the time of the design!

Industry 4.0 - what does it benefit you?

  • What advantages does it bring?
  • How to implement Industry 4.0?
  • What does it cost?

We also offer interesting solutions in this area. Efka already created the basis for a network of drives 12 years ago. All our controllers already offer the connection requirements for this. The cost factor is already significantly reduced. Please do not hesitate to contact us! On our YouTube channel is also a corresponding informational film available.

Here you will also find an interview with the magazine JSN with Adient about their experience with Efka BigData!

Because customer satisfaction is paramount to meeting our business goal, we are constantly working to improve. Toward this end, we look forward to receiving your comments or questions through the email contact form.

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