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Knee switch KN20

1 micro-push-button 1-pole as closing contact

1 control switch 1-pole for preselection of:

0 = Depends on the selected function of parameter F-550. For example Parameter F-550 = 13 Function "High lift for walking foot, momentary" Solenoid valve active as long as the knee switch is actuated.

1 = Depends on the selected function of parameter F-551 e.g. Parameter F-551 = 14 Function "stroke adjustment ratchet" Solenoid valve is switched on or off after briefly pressing the knee switch.

1 supply cable approx. 1700 mm long

1 mounting bar 190 x 140 mm

Connector RJ12

Compatible with:

  • AB425S, AB221A, AB321A, DA321G
  • AB620A & AB611A