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DC1230 Direct Drive

Brushless direct current  motor in compact design  for flange mounting with  integrated incremental encode. Usable for Chainstitch machines.

A completely new and innovative head mount system allows for trouble and wear free operation on machines from various manufacturers. Housing tolerances of machines for directly driven shafts can cause problems and damage to the machine bearings. With the new unique motor mounting system these tolerances are automatically compensated for. In addition, there is a separation of the machine and motor cooling which insures that additional heating of the machine by the motor is avoided.

Usable control box:

AB600,A AB611A & AB620A

Technical specifications

Power range:550 W

Operation voltage:

230 VAC (180 V-250 V)
Maximum Speed:7500 min-1
Nominal torque:0,7 Nm
Maximal torque:3,4 Nm
Moment of inertia (Jrot):0,6 kgcm2
Length:130 mm
Flange dimensions:112 x 109,7 mm2
Weight:2,120 kg
Insulation class:B
Protection class:IP40
Shaft end:Taper 1:5
Incremental encoder, integrated:

512 Impulses/rotation

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