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Error U0

Stack Overflow

Error U1

Error in compiler program. For more details you see a second error number toggle in the display:
001 Error in OPCODE
002 Maximum of variables
003 Maximum of SYSIO variables
004 Maximum of variables
005 Maximum of SYSIO variables
006 not enough memory
007 unknown parameter number
008 wrong parameter value
009 unknown function call
010 wrong data type
011 Maximum of array variables
012 Array Dimension Error
013 not enough memory
014 Access to not initialized Array
015 Array multiple initialized
016 Device-Adress not allowed
017 not enough memory for stepper-Array
018 wrong parameter value
019 Error in OPCODE
020 Array access error: Dimension X
021 Array access error: Dimension Y
022 Array access error: Dimension Z
023 Array access error: 0 is not allowed      
024 Array access error: 0 is not allowed        
025 Array access error: Dimension X Overflow
026 Array access error: Dimension Y Overflow
027 Array access error: Dimension Z Overflow
028 Array access error: 0 is not allowed
029 Stack Overflow
030 function not in Flash-Version available
031 Error 1 at functioncall SetVarioButton
032 Error 2 at functioncall SetVarioButton
033 Error 3 at functioncall SetVarioButton
034 Error 4 at functioncall SetVarioButton
035 Error 5 at functioncall SetVarioButton
036 Error 6 at functioncall SetVarioButton
037 Error 7 at functioncall SetVarioButton
038 Error 8 at functioncall SetVarioButton

Error U2

Unknown system function

Error U3

Unknown in/out variable

Error U4

Too many variables

Error U5

Too many system-variables

Error U6

Not enough memory

Error U7

Wrong Variobutton access

Error U8

Unknown device adress

Error U9

Download error. No compiler program.

Questions and answers about Error Messages

An "U" Error message indicates a fault in the drive system. Should you not find a fully responding to your questions, please use our contact form or call us!